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Beans: Trinitario

Origin: San Martin, Peru

Ingredients: Cacao mass, cane sugar, cacao butter, cocoa nibs. Cacao content min. 70%

The grand museum's inspiring collections where classic art meets modern design is captured in the exquisite flavour of traditional, rich 70% dark chocolate with a refreshing touch of delicately crisp cocoa nibs. The intricate taste with its dark roasted body, fruity notes and surprising crunch is brought to life by the bar's palate pleasing design of Nationalmuseum's ceiling roses. 

Handcrafted with the finest Trinitario beans from the San Martin region in Peru. This chocolate is made with pure and carefully selected organic and fair traded ingredients. It includes no additives, preservatives or E-numbers and is 100% free of nuts, almonds, peanuts, soya, egg and gluten. 

Sold exclusively at Nationalmuseum,

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