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Archipelago-70% cacao

85 kr

Beans: Trinitario

Origin: Domenican Republic

Ingredients: Cacao mass, cane suger, cacao butter, natural flavouring (sea salt). Cacao content min. 70%

As the thousands and thousands of islands spread out in the ocean by the archipelago, sea salt is carefully sprinkled on our 70% dark bar. The salty touch combined with the dark chocolate's rich start and fruity, almost flowery aroma is enhanced by the bar's unique map design, bringing you directly to the brisk and beautiful rugged nature of the Swedish archipelago.

Handcrafted with precious Trinitario beans from the Domenican Republic. This chocolate is made with pure and carefully selected organic and fair traded ingredients. It includes no additives, preservatives or E-numbers and is 100% free of nuts, almonds, peanuts, soya, egg and gluten.

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