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Tales Christmas pack!

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The Tales Christmas pack contains our entire Stockholm collection with the bars Gamla Stan, Djurgården and Södermalm in a nice Christmas wrap ready to give away.

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Gamla Stan, 85% 

Our premium 85% dark chocolate is as distinct as the wood smoke scent of the antique cobblestoned streets of Stockholm´s Old Town. The bar´s rich and complex character, with its dark roasted start and fruity, playful finish, is brought to life by the palate pleasing contours of the timeless map.

Södermalm, 67% 

Our Södermalm 67% chocolate is warm and welcoming, as comforting as the scent of newly baked sourdough bread, oozing from the small bakeries. The rich and earthy flavour echoes the trendy island with a velvety smooth start and lightly tart finish, mirroring the diverse mood of artisan shops, cafes and parks. The bar comes to life with the palate pleasing contour map.

Djurgården 70% 

The greenest island in Stockholm central overflows with wonders of all tastes. Bring out the wild in you and explore the aromatic flavour of Swedish lingonberry, as refreshing as a walk in the island forest after heavy rain. Our Djurgården 70% chocolate’s refreshing start, dark roasted body and a delicately fruity note is enhanced by the palate pleasing contour map.