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Stockholm - Södermalm 67%

85 kr

Beans: Forastero

Origin: Sao Tomé

Ingredients: Cacao mass, cane suger, cacao butter. Cacao content min. 67%

Our Södermalm 67% chocolate is warm and welcoming, as comforting as the scent of newly baked sourdough bread, oozing from the small bakeries. The rich and earthy flavour echoes the trendy island with a velvety smooth start and lightly tart finish, mirroring the diverse mood of artisan shops, cafes and parks. The bar comes to life with the palate pleasing contour map.

Handcrafted with rich Forastero beans from Sao Tomé, a small island in the Atlantic Ocean. This chocolate is made with pure and carefully selected organic ingredients. It includes no additives, preservatives or E-numbers and is 100% free of nuts, almonds, peanuts, soya, egg and gluten.

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